Queen of the Cards

Cards of Your Destiny explained in simple effective manner that helps you gain clarity and understanding of you and your closest relationships! 

Our programming is all we know.  When we start to question what has held up back from all we desire to achieve is when we find the keys to greatness. Walk hand in hand with me as I share the beauty of shedding my programming and embracing all the beauty house inside of myself.  

FREE Daily Card Read

You can learn more about your cards by daily checking your card energy.
- Birth Card
- Long Range Card (year)
- 52 Day Energy
- Daily Card

Enter your birthday and daily follow you cards to see how the cards flow and learn!!!  
-no data is kept

Free- Intuitive Card Reading Training 

Two comprehensive card reading courses. Not only are these fun to do but they help you learn the basic meaning of each card in the traditional deck.  You are gonna love the reads I did!  So fun!!!   Free PDF- cheat sheets to help you identify your cards, your family and friends.  You can even do reads for yourself!  Access to our private FB group for questions too!  

The Power of You

Dig into all the things that make you, you!
With this intro package you receive your Birth Chart, Yearly Chart, and Our 7 Module Course to explain your charts to you! 

Understanding your programming is key in shedding limiting beliefs!

We choose this experience to grow and learn.  You are your biggest asset and also you biggest challenge.  When you understand the programming you chose you free yourself!

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Queen of the Cards Relationship Analysis