Energetic Alchemy Ignitions - Reiki 1

I am so excited to share that The Golden Tunnel of Abundance is open and it is absolutely free.  You receive an energetic clearing and ignition that will help you achieve the greatness you know is housed in your DNA.  

This course is normally $350 online from other energy workers.  We are in such a state of transition I believe this energy should be available to all who desire to tap into stepping out of their programming and achieve the abundance they know they were made for.  

You will receive a guided ENERGETIC IGNITION with a manual on how to use that for self healing along with all the things explaining what, where when and why.  If you are new to energy work this is the spot to start.  

 "I laid on the table thinking I was going to get a massage, in a way I did. I call it a massage for your energy. I could feel my energies shifting almost as if they were being rearranged one at a time and put where they belong. At one point I felt  it rise from my mid-section to my face and it released through my eyes. It felt like I had released something that I wouldn't have without this experience. When I was done I was so relaxed, deeper than a massage level relaxation." 


 "I couldn't be more grateful for my experience with Leslie. As an athlete healing is so important for my success and I'm happy to say that my time with Leslie has improved my athletic performance. This healing has spilled in all areas of my life. " 


 " I have had a stressful season- several life changes including loss of my job and most recently I was in a car accident. When Leslie suggested energy work wasn't sure what to expect, but went into it with an open heart.  I was blown away at how I felt during and after. I didn't realize the stress my body was carrying.  I knew I was "stressed" but I didn't know there was an entire subconscious layer of stress I was holding onto. Leslie brought me to an amazing place of letting go. It was beautiful and liberating. I felt an enormous sense of relief afterwards, almost as if I had a major emotional let down cry.  Except I didn't.  I felt like I had the most amazing massage.  Except I didn't. I felt like I had a going to church moment.  Except I didn't.  I felt like I attended a session with my therapist.  Except I didn't. It was calm, peaceful, loving, welcoming, quiet, and comforting. I was wrapped in an atmosphere of love, in the presence of acceptance and healing.  I highly recommend this for anyone seeking ANYTHING MORE.  Because that is exactly what you'll get.  

Lea Ellen