Destiny Cards Course- Yearly Report

Video, and Written Direction with PDF's on how to understand your Yearly Report. Why it matters and how to make this knowledge work for you.

Course Summary

Cards of Destiny Yearly Report is an in depth look at the greatness that is you.  I like to refer to the cards as astrology super charged. Taking your birthday and defining the programming you chose to come to this experience with that will help you achieve the things you have set out to achieve while here.  As you learn the cards meanings for your birthday we will also be looking at the meaning of all the cards in your life.  Our ability to understand ourselves is the foundation for understanding others.  

Making the unconscious, conscious is the doorway to gaining awareness in ourselves first and then in our relationships.  Diving into the study of you is so fun!  I love learning about myself and the people in my life.  Our resource library allows you to take the things you are learning in your report to the next level and apply them to your family, friends, and even business associates.  

Taking this course along with the detailed Yearly Report allows you to access a deep well of self- awareness.  

Course Curriculum

Leslie Lyon

Course Pricing

  • Destiny Cards Course- Yearly Report
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  • 7 Complete lesson to fully understand your Yearly Report
  • Videos descriptions and examples
  • Written Content to Expand the Concepts from your report
  • Downloaded PDF for further learning
  • Take this knowledge and apply to your most important relatinships
  • Resource Library
  • Bonus Content