Clarity Session

1 Hour Clarity Session with Leslie


The Golden Tunnel of Prosperity and Abundance is a portal to all that you desire in yourself, your relationships, and your business.  There is no separation in these three dynamics.  Why is it that often we can nail one or two of those but not all three at the same time?

Our energy follows our intention, direction and attention.  Where we place those three determines what we are manifesting.  Most of us (me included) can get tracking in one lane and therefore manifest more in one particular vein of our life.  It's not a judgement thing, it's all about the awareness.  

Do you have awareness around what your intention, direction and where your attention is going?  

Personally I'm a seasoned self-abandoner.  It's so interesting to observe that about myself.  I'm straight hustler energy- ain't a thing on this planet gonna keep me from that game, so that's clearly where a lot of my attention goes.  Next- I LOVE PEOPLE, I just love them.  This leaves me at times prioritizing others over myself.  Any parent gets this energy fully, like having kids is the ultimate put yourself last card.

Is that what we want to teach them?

I can remain in a place of observation around this and it brings me such interesting intel about my inner workings.  Daily, sometimes moment by moment reassessing my intention, direction, and attention allows me to be accountable for what i am creating.  

Never judging self just observing the inner world.  Ask questions, to call on the at times, misguided story that is playing inside. Consciously being aware of what we are choosing helps us shift to what we desire to create.  It's so simple that we feel the need to complicate it, put it in a box and make it unattainable.  Enter the tunnel with me and lets unbox and create all your desire together!

During this 1 hour session we will dive into whatever areas you want to focus on, using my intuition I will be able to call out some of your bs to help you get real and honest with yourself about what you really want and the ways you aren't showing up for yourself.  

  • Clarity Session (1 Hour)
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    Scaling in your life cannot happen if you are not clear on where you are, where you headed and how to get there?

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Leslie Lyon