Leslie's ONE TO ONE Container

Leslie coaches business owners and successful execs in every area of business to create a more conscious approach to their businesses, bringing more abundance, team culture, systems and strategies for extreme growth professionally and personally.

Leslie is an expert in Niche Business Growth, focusing on Client Experience and Scalability. Leslie has brought numerous start-ups into successful fruition. Leslie uses teams along with powerful and intentional delegation to allow herself to create freedom in her own life. Just as every team member has their own genius, so does each business. While working in numerous business models, Leslie has brought conscious mindsets to each creation to allow for unprecedented growth and abundance. Having tested her growth model on numerous niche industries she has learned to honor the creative process and heart of each company.

I could not express in words how much support and amazing insights I received from my coaching container with Leslie.  

I started thinking I would do a year and I am on year 2.  With numerous businesses I cannot even begin to express the level of stress and pressure I was under.

Leslie helped me stay focused, grounded and always had fresh eyes and insights into what was present and coming!

I am absolutely mind blown by the assets that Leslie sent me to support in the launch of a new business.  

Her process are filled with integrity and honor not just myself but everyone who will work with and for me.

I feel like she has been the missing link in my process and I am so glad I committed to working with her.

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