One on One Coaching with Leslie 

One on one coaching is a place to get clear.
What are some of the areas Leslie can help you get clear?
-Building to Sell
-Maximum Profits
-Employers with Ethics
-Building Your Team
-Show up Fully with You
-Hold Space
-Teach Self-Healing Techniques
-Programs that Work
-Out of the Box Ideas
-Steady Implementation
-Channeled Messages
-Higher-Self Messages

Coaching Packages 

Fast Paced, for a client who has an agenda to dig in and accomplish big goals on a faster timeline than normal.  Fast Paced, Client Led, Dig in and Get Clarity, Energetic Acceleration, Personal Scaling, Relationship Scaling, Business Scaling

Long term growth approach.  Six months is where we can start to really dig into why we do what we do and what stories we are telling ourselves that keep us from accelerated growth. Consistent Pace, Programming Dissection, Story Dispelling, Client Led, Personal Scaling, Relationship Scaling, Business Scaling 

I want more information on Coaching! 

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