Regulating You Central Nervous System with one of my Favorite Tools

The map of consciousness is a key tool I have used to help me regulate my CNS effectively and with great awareness

Using the knowledge from David Hawkins' book "Power vs. Force" to regulate your nervous system can be a very effective tool for personal and spiritual development. The concept of the "map of consciousness," which is a technique to gauge a person's or a group's level of consciousness, is covered in the book. Raising our level of consciousness, in Hawkins' opinion, is the key to transformation on both a personal and global level.

Here are some ways to regulate your central nervous system using the knowledge from "Power vs. Force":

Develop your self-awareness skills to better understand how your ideas, feelings, and behaviors affect your degree of consciousness.

Nurture positive emotions: According to Hawkins, negative emotions like wrath, fear, and guilt are related to lower levels of awareness whereas positive emotions like love, joy, and peace are associated with higher levels.

Practice forgiveness: You can raise your level of consciousness by using forgiveness. You can let go of negative emotions and develop a more positive state of being by letting go of your anger, resentment, and blame.

Practice meditation: Quieting the mind and achieving a condition of inner calm and composure can be accomplished through meditation.

You can enhance your level of consciousness by surrounding yourself with people and settings that reflect pleasant emotions and higher states of consciousness.

It's crucial to note that while not all of the book needs to be read in order to apply these suggestions, it is advised that you have a basic comprehension of the ideas covered in the book in order to do so. Since I know most of you won’t go there I created a map from the information in the book along with a video explaining some of the concepts.

Map is here for Download!

Video is here!

As we gain tools in our tool belt we are able to shift our awareness and therefore our consciousness to an entirely new level. I have found myself revisiting this map of consciousness numerous times to remind myself who I am and where I desire to live. Authentic living is not for the faint of heart.

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