Consecutive Timelines and Bleed-Overs

It implies that different alternative outcomes of earlier events could have taken place in several timelines or parallel universes.

The idea of past lives alludes to the conviction that a person's soul or consciousness may exist in various bodies at various times in the past. This is frequently connected to spiritual or religious practices like a rebirth in Eastern religions such as Buddhism, and Hinduism.

On the other hand, the idea of successive timelines occurring simultaneously comes from physics. It implies that different alternative outcomes of events could have taken place in several timelines or parallel universes that could all be existing at once.

I don’t in any way claim to have all the answers but based on the different experiences I have been given to see for myself and others I find the concept of consecutive timelines much more probable. First, time is quite the created concept second, I have found something rather interesting in my readings of other's timelines or experiences. It is a concept I call timeline bleed over.

If the above theory has some validity and for shits and giggles we are going to assume it does. I used to believe God created an entire species only to be annoyed with their sinfulness and drown them, then allowed them to repopulate through one man, then god willfully impregnated a teenager, then she gave birth to a perfect child that God ultimately had to kill to “save” the sinful people again because drowning them didn’t fix the root issue. If I had the blind faith to believe in that for 2-3 decades I can toy with the idea that consecutive timelines are a thing. Don’t think I haven’t also considered that it’s all bullshit. I’m also here to have some fun. You are welcome to join me in that or call it all bs or pray for me as some will. I will not judge either response. What if the same as we can have different realities we can also have different opinions? What a wonder that would be!

I digress, back to the concept of consecutive timelines. These alternate realities are happening simultaneously and we are able to see the one we are in as our only reality. This is where it gets interesting. I think the best description I have been able to compare, is those choose your own ending books. You get to a part in the chapter and you choose what happens next from two or three options without knowing the actual outcome. From what I can tell, there are times when we choose one ending but our other selves choose the other and the timelines are very similar and our oversoul or higher self learns on both or possibly many different timeline options.

So these one-offs as I like to call them will have moments that bleed into the timeline we are on. Even timelines we are more separate from can bleed into our current timeline. I personally have experienced them in many, many different ways.

Let’s see, what would be the most entertaining to share?

A one-off where a younger version of me now has another baby?

The timeline of a flower that bled over to his human timeline?

The timeline of where my kids are my siblings? def not a one-off.

The timeline where I have two lovers and choose one and the other gets really upset? also not a one-off. 


The timeline where every single one of my clients is related to me as family, in what appears to be a Viking timeline?

Ohhhhhhh how about this one…………..

The timeline where I am a part of a gypsy community that travels around like an olden day Saturday Night Live. Yes, we will do that one, in part because it explains why I had a mobile business!!!!

This one made so much sense when I was given access to it. Another time I will cover how I access these timelines and what triggers the "seeing" of it for me.

I am younger than my current age and attractive and exceptionally witty, it all checks out, also so humble. I have a twin sister and numerous of my business associates are a part of our band. We travel with a lively band of misfits. Our Mom is a leader and revolutionary and she leads all the misfits in a way that allows them to show up in their wildness while also bringing a bit of structure. As much structure as one can to wild misfits. 

We are known for our satire and the comedic way we destroy the political agendas of the area. We come into each town making quite a scene then we entice everyone to our mobile set up for a night of witty comedy, drinks, food, and ware at the expense of the political leaders and agenda of the day.

We have an extensive caravan and it’s definitely an era before cars and such our horses pull our wagons of supplies and we are very much a culture of gypsies, dark hair, jewelry, and flowing garments. It is interesting to observe because our attractiveness definitely is something that gives us access to some privilege (pretty privilege) until we use that to mock the culture and politics of the area we are in. Then we are not as well accepted. Sometimes we even have to flee an area rather unexpectedly of course we leave with hearts and pockets full! HAHAHA, oops!

My favorite part of this timeline is that the bleed-over to my current timeline looks like having owned a mobile bartending company for the last five years. My Twin sister on the gypsy timeline is someone I met and dearly love in the biz and our Mother on that timeline is one of the most lovely businesswomen in the industry who helped me solidify myself as a mobile bar owner when I first got going and became one of my great inspirations along with one of my dear friends.

These bleed-overs can be positive, negative, extensive, or hard to even see. But they are there nonetheless. Having seen how my consecutive timelines show up differently or even how others' timelines bleed into each other has brought me great joy. Occasionally answering those burning questions of why you have instant recognition with another. I have also noticed that the same people on this timeline will make themselves known in other timelines as well. I find it all rather fantastic and enjoyable. 

There are villains in every story so at times it is less enjoyable. It is interesting to understand the villain of your story from another perspective/timeline. Sometimes that can even bring healing to a fractured relationship on this timeline.

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