Hi, I'm Leslie, I'm so glad you dropped by!

I began my awakening in 2006 when a major force in my life came to shake me up and teach me how to be free.  I found the process terrifying and liberating at the same time. I learned that every bit of my programming was made to leave me feeling caged and ineffective. I spent no small fortune on healing modality after healing modality to realize I had and have everything within me I needed to heal.  I feel these keys are easily unearthed in powerful relationships.

It is my belief that we hold keys for others in their journey
How do you know I hold keys for you?

More often than not my clients are magnetized to me in a way that they have trouble verbalizing.  They are usually left simply saying things like, I am soooo drawn to you, I know you have something for me, What is it about you, and What does it take to work with you? 

One to One Higher Self Channeled Message  

Get deep isights into you in your highest form.  We will go into session asking for clarity and wisdom from your higher self, guides, and anyone beyond the veil that is for your highest good.  

1 hour zoom or phone call! Beginning with an energy clearing and tarot read about your energy.  Very interactive with Q&A time and all the things.  

Awareness, Enlightenment, Integration
Repeat as the new you until you leave this realm.

Stepping into self-awareness is the doorway to all creation. Gaining enlightenment around the areas you personally desire to create brings direction. Integration of self-awareness and enlightenment is when the creation takes hold to shift your entire reality. You can create any reality you can image. 

The Golden Tunnel of Prosperity and Abundance is a portal to all that you desire in yourself, your relationships, and your business.  There is no separation in these three dynamics.  Why is it that often we can nail one or two of those but not all three at the same time?

Our energy follows our intention, direction and attention.  Where we place those three determines what we are manifesting.  Most of us (me included) can get tracking in one lane and therefore manifest more in one particular vein of our life.  It's not a judgement thing, it's all about the awareness.  

Do you have awareness around what your intention, direction and where your attention is going?  I work powerfully with people, to help them identify their programming and unconscious decisions to shift into a place of surplus in all areas.

Stepping in together we gain awareness around the areas you want to gain clarity in and a direction you can take from there.  Regardless of working with my beyond this session or not this is a powerful tool for you to gain insights into what you are creating in incongruence.

Programming is something we live with daily in layers but often give not one ounce of thought to. I have found the Cards of Destiny revealed the deep layers of programming in such an accurate way.  Revealing and understanding our own programming is the doorway to self-awareness. Shedding programming is simpler when we can recognize it.

I like to say that the cards are like astrology amplified and personalized by your specific date of birth. With a basic understanding of your cards you can shed limiting beliefs.  

If you desire to gain in awareness around your cards you can become a master at shifting into different energies base on what you would like to accomplish.

Regardless of how deep you choose to go with the cards you will meet yourself in a new way with new understanding of the journey you chose and how to shed any limiting beliefs you have picked up along the way.

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We each have a variety of cards in the Cards of Destiny. Below you can check your Birth Card, Long Range Card, 52 Day card, and your daily card below. This is a great way to start gaining understanding around the energy of the cards. 

Free Intuitive Card Reading Course 

Y'all this course is perfect for someone new to the card program Cards of Destiny.  In this course I will teach you two intuitive card reads. You also get all the info you need to figure out you, your friends and family and even business associates birth cards. This is the foundation for understanding how the cards work together and it's fun! 

Destiny Cards

Curious to get a glimpse into the cards.  You can access your Birth Card, Yearly Long Range Card, which 52 day period Card and your Daily card. 
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Click on each card to receive a detailed explanation of your predominate cards!

The Power of You

The power of you is amplified when you run head long into understanding your programming.   With the intimate knowledge of you, your programming and the predominate energy you work with each year, you hold the keys to freedom.  Your core "beliefs" may be a story you have set up to distract yourself from your own greatness.   As we dive into the Cards of Destiny we unravel the programming you chose for this experience so you have learn to respond to life in authenticity.

  • Birth Chart 
  • Current Yearly Chart 
  • Detailed Birth Card
  • Detailed Planetary Ruling Card 
  • 7- 52 Day Periods, Horizontal (Main Energy) and  Vertical (Supporting Energy) for Each Period. BC
  • Same as Above for Planetary Card
  • Comprehensive 7 module course for understanding both charts. 
  • Resource Library